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Like a Zen River!

I met Jessie through WINC (WINC Buffalo). An admittedly organized person, Jessie needed assistance to get her 2021 social media calendar set up. As yoga and mindfulness instructor, she acquired fast amounts of information through her extensive training. Her calendar was to include social media postings so the themes and topics would flow as smoothly as her yoga classes! Ah, the perfect scenario for a Zip and Zoom session.

We started with her stash of notes, all well documented since the beginning of her training as a yoga and mindfulness instructor. She felt her notes were in many areas; home office, yoga studio and living room and many in notebooks. As we began, she remembered that she had started the organizing process in 2019. With a file box in hand and folders labeled in a way that suits her, Jessie had clear direction for organizing all of her notes and mindfulness teachings. With this clearity, Jessie social media calendar fell quickly into place, she easily updated her website, and her newsletters flow together like a zen river.

Sometimes, a little Zip and Zoom is all it takes!

Great job Jessie!

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