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Welcome to Bright Organizing Solutions, LLC. It is hard to believe the first listing for "Bright" was in the 2005 yellow pages for the Greater Northshore Area in Louisiana. The logo was a simple sun to symbolize a new day and a new way.


As you see, the logo is now an old-fashioned light bulb and when animated it flickers to a bright light. It represents shining light on the objects we try to
or tend to ignore. Shedding light on the neglected spaces, your bright light helps you to embrace and appreciate your space. Having a system in that space that resonates with you, in an organic, easy way, is what Bright Organizing is all about.


This is a system that you will enjoy. This will be letting go of shame and embarrassment. This will be having others over for dinner or hosting a book club. This will be moving in your space easily, freely, effortlessly.


This will be relaxing in your home and recharging for what is next.

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My first memory of this thing called “organized”, was when I was in fourth grade. Our family home was on the market as we prepared to move out of state. For some unknown reason we were in the house while it was being shown. A truly uncomfortable situation. I sat on my bed (probably pretending to read) eavesdropping on the voices to the best of my ability. The buyers and realtor stuck their heads quickly into the room I shared with my older sister. Then I heard the linen closet door open and a gasp! I froze. What could be gasp-worthy in with our bath towels and bed sheets? Was my old, tattered, and well-loved Winnie the Pooh towel that bad? It was probably my sister’s favorite Snoopy towel. “I HAVE NEVER seen such an organized linen closet!” 





I would like to think that I was clever enough to shout out, “wait ‘til you see the spice cupboard!” but I wasn’t. 

I would, also, like to think that every day after that my life was as organized as my mom’s linen closet, but it wasn’t. 

Two states and more than 2 decades later, I found myself attempting to settle into a Louisiana home. New job, new opportunities found me wanting to help others in a deep and meaningful way. I wanted to do it fast. Luckily, HGTV was all about organizing. As I researched becoming a professional organizer, things fell into place and Bright Organizing Solutions was started on August 29, 2005, in Slidell, Louisiana. (I, however, was in my mom’s condo in Florida avoiding Hurricane Katrina.)

My experience as an organizer has been vast. I have worked with hundreds of clients from attorneys to yoga instructors. Assistants to entrepreneurs. 5 year-olds to 95 years young. I have been featured in various media outlets, such as The Hammond Star, Buffalo Spree, A&E’s Hoarders  Channel 2’s Most Buffalo and a second visit to Channel 2's Most Buffalo.


The only way Bright Organizing gets better is when I work with you.

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