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New Services for 2023!

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The Bright Way
to Vision

It's never too late to put your vision into focus. In one private Zoom session, we will create your ideal vision board.

It will be your go-to for times when focus is needed.

Or when you need clarity.

My most successful clients appreciate having a vision board that resonates with them. 

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The Bright Way
to Office

This series of weekly Zoom sessions is designed to get your office organized and to get you into a flow of productivity.

Feel accomplished every day. 

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The Bright Way
to Home

This series of weekly Zoom sessions is designed to get your home organized and to get you into a flow of harmony within your space.

Feel appreciation and relaxation at the

end of every day. 

Complete the

Tell Me About You form

and we'll create a unique approach to get your living space organized.

Looking for something more specific, more tailored for you?
Click the "Tell Me About You" button below and I will be in touch with you the next business day!

Get professional help straight through your screen

What it looks like:

(Below are approved text messages from client)

1 text
2 text
3 text
4 text
  • ​We connect via phone or computer.

  • You show me your challenges.

    • Show me EVERYTHING or

    • Show me ONLY WHAT YOU WANT 

  • I give you specific step by step directions

  • I tell you:

    • how to create more space for you and your family

    • where to start

    • how to start

    • when "JFN" (Just For Now) is applicable

    • and so much more

  • I give you a personalized plan.

  • You get unlimited support from me in between sessions. See those text messages above!?!



  • You are not alone in this process. I am in it with you.

  • Clutter takes it's time to appear. Thoughtful organizing gets us the best results.

  • We end with a system in place. Systems need to be tested.



What Virtual Organizing "looks like":



Convenient timing for you.

You are not restricted by our ability to meet in person!


Our meetings are shorter.

You don’t need to set aside huge chunks of uninterrupted time!


You get to organize in your pockets of time.

 My virtual organizing clients find their ideal time and are most effective within that time.


You are the one “opening the box”.

I know this is the scary part, that is why it hasn’t been done. We have discussed the challenges with the “box”, we have a game plan, and I am only a text away when you are stuck, overwhelmed or just don’t want to do it.

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