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How I went from feeling unsettled in my house to establishing a home

I was running nonstop. living on the run. running to sporting events. eating on the run. running to work. running while spending quality time with my son.

The house was chaotic because there was no intention, attention to detail. Chores were done quickly, without focus. I hated sorting laundry, so clean laundry never made it out of the hamper. Had to iron every morning.  The kitchen was in the front of the house, so a knock at the door threw me into a panic about the state of the dishes and countertops.

Shoved papers and mail out of sight. Built up. Lost important papers in the shuffle. Late bills. And fees that went with them.

Wasn’t living intentionally. Nothing was ever done but couldn’t give myself permission to not complete a task. Beating myself up. I should be a better wife, mom, bill-payer, house-maker.

Work was my escape. Believe it or not, it was a place where everything was where it should be, I could slow down, take a lunch hour, and flow through my day effectively.

Oh to be able to do that at my house!

Years later, I had moved to a new state. Without a social life and no extra curricular activities to run to, I had more time. And, this house was bigger than the last, so I had  more space.

Yet, everything was unsettled.

I felt Vulnerable. No connections. Culture shock.

I didn’t feel at home out and about OR in my house.

Deep desire to eliminate the chaos. But, not sure how, didn’t know where to start, resisted doing it,

I had enough of running, beating myself up, not being able to get things done amidst the chaos.

I wanted to eliminate the chaos, get organized and stay organized. But what I REALLY wanted was to  feel settled and peaceful.

I realized that when things are in their place, I feel more grounded. So I gave it a try. I researched, studied with  a professional organizer, learned the craft and tackled my house. And it was easier than I ever thought it could be.

I stopped judging myself, I took a good look at what I had, I let go of the extraneous and I created systems to keep the new found sense of peace in my home.

As a result, I had more quality time with my family. Life, work, balance flowed.

For the last dozen years I’ve had the privilege to “play” with wonderful clients and help them go from overwhelmed and unsettled to grounded, peaceful and happy, all through the magic of organizing!

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