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My Love for the “Lazy”

I love those lazy days of summer, of fall, of winter. I mean I love lazy days any time of the year!

I love those lazy times, reading a book for the sheer pleasure, watching a movie snuggled on the couch, or sitting on the porch with a hot cup of coffee!

Why “Lazy”? Some might say “zen”, “in the flow”, or “being present”. Lazy is what resonates with me at this moment. I am not spending precious energy to come up with a more effective or better connotation. Yep, I am being lazy!

“Lazy” is my goal. Lazy is what happens when all the important stuff is handled and, maybe, some non important stuff. Lazy is what happens when my business, home and life is properly managed.

As I explored a lazy life style and applied it, magic happened. I became more peaceful. I moved through my day with a lighter feeling. I let go of watching the clock but I didn’t let go of completing tasks. I let go of the stress of the tasks. I just let them happen and unfold. I trusted in myself.

I realized lazy was my new attitude. I let things flow. I didn’t stress trying to get the closest parking spot, I took the easy one, the middle one of three open spaces. I didn’t speed down the 90 to get to my next destination which had no time constraints (so, of course, spotting the trooper on the side of road didn’t affect my speed at all!)

I lazily ate. I don’t rush it, I enjoy it. And then, I lazily did the dishes and clean up.

I, accidentally, lazily got up this morning and walked the dog (a.k.a. Brix, Brixy or Brixy-Poo) I was so lazy about this task that I, accidentally again, turned the walk into a jog.

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