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Clogged Up Kitchen

Papers began to pile up, meal prep was frustrating at best, little things were irritating.

George was on mission. He was determined to improve his home, his life, AND his family's life. He was frustrated with the choppiness of his first floor (a single family converted from a two family). There were things he LOVED about his home as he had an eye for honoring their unique style of décor. He messaged me, " Hey Aly! Just wondering if you are available for a quote for organizing our insane house and life. Honestly, I’m not even sure how this works. But…we are only able to deal with the basics: cleaning, cooking, simple repairs (barely), and raising kids, so I think our long-languishing garage and laundry room will remain last priority…forever. (Despite the massive stress they cause us.)".

At the consultation, I immediately fell in love with George and his wife. (If you know them, you love them, too!)

We started organizing in the kitchen. As we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It keeps everything "pumping". A healthy kitchen enables nourishment for the body and the soul.

George's kitchen had acquired excess. This excess clogged up the pumping and the kitchen became stagnant. Papers began to pile up, meal prep was frustrating at best, little things were irritating. It was not an acceptable situation for a family that enjoys cooking and baking together.

We pulled out the 4 Tenets of Organizing, relying heavily on Minimum Plus One. We "demoted" items that are used seasonally to the basement. Clearing excess out of the cupboards and off counters pumped life back into the kitchen. It became a happier and productive space. But there was room for improvement so we dove deep into the pantry.

The before and after pictures of the pantry DO NOT COME CLOSE TO describing the impact of organizing. Auditing the food, getting all the "birds of a feather together" in a way that worked for George's family had a profound effect on the kitchen. George eloquently described the impact via text.

Now, papers are well managed, meal prep is seamless, and the little irritations are insignificant!

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