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Bedroom to the Boardroom

Ahh the bedroom, the room where your day ends and begins. Your sanctuary to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Or it should be your sanctuary. We all know the importance of sleep, having a space where you leave your “worries on the doorstep” should have the utmost priority.

Ahh the boardroom or what I really mean is your office or work space, the space where the heartbeat of your productivity exists. Or it should be your heartbeat. A client recently admitted that he does not like working in his office. I was shocked but understood. Just like those beautiful empty spaces between our brain cells where electricity fires freely so should the space in your office. When we remove the clutter and maintain the necessary, the fire that fuels our productivity can rage at will. Yes, “rage” may be a strong term, but you get what I mean. Fuel that fire of action by having a clear, unencumbered office.

An office where you are set up for success, where you know where everything is and you have a game plan, is an unencumbered office. For my client, I did plant the seed of clearing the space of his children’s artwork. He took it well. We don’t need to remove it all but for the sake of a clear productive space we will take down the majority (preferably all but a good compromise is to leave one).

So now are you thinking “but I love my family mementos!” I ask you, “when is the last time you truly saw them and looked at them?” Every time you didn’t “see” them your brain was using energy to block it out. Our eyes take in so much more than we actually see because our brains are filtering out the non-essential. “When I do see them, I am reminded of why I work.” “I love my picture of Hawaii, it is where I really want to be.” These are distractions. If you want to be elsewhere (with your family or Hawaii or both? See how I did that? I took us both completely off topic. Now back to the original question…), are you really focused on the task at hand? Blank space is good. This gives your eyes a place to rest distraction free. (Confession, my favorite question is “what am I going to do with this empty space?” I joyfully declare, “leave it empty!”)

Focused energy and intention fuels that raging fire of productivity. Accomplish your tasks that accomplish your goals so you can be fully with your family or in Hawaii undistracted. I see your vision of feet up and hands clasped behind your head, open to receiving the downtime allowed by a job well done.

Let’s circle back to the bedroom. A clear unencumbered space here allows for that productive, raging fire to fade away so it can spark back to life when in the office.

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