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How I Became a Professional Organizer

I was hired as a full-time assistant for a young lady who worked out of her home.

I got this, just tell me what you need done and it will be done.

There were piles of paper throughout her small office.

(Yes, I am keeping any overly (or not overly) dramatic descriptive words out of this story. This is her story and out of respect for anyone in her situation, my current clients and my future clients, drama is not needed. We feel our pain through the story.)

There was no place for her to write reports, do research, or just work. There was no place for her to rest her eye, or her coffee cup.

She needed space – to be, to think, to work.

So, I will clear her space. I got this!

I will file her papers in the file cabinet. Oh wait, they are already full. Well, let’s see what needs to be kept….

It all “needs to be kept”.

I felt frustrated. I wanted to give her space, to give her time, to give her peace. But it wasn’t my place. My “I got this” was slipping away.

So, I focused on doing my job of being her assistant. I gathered the necessary paperwork and headed to her living room so she could work in her office.

The living room wasn’t conducive to working, either.  I had a cell phone, a laptop, one couch cushion and the corner of the coffee table. Yet,  I still couldn’t accomplish my tasks. The clutter in that room was just as distracting as her office.

So, I considered moving to the kitchen, determined to get my work done.

The kitchen wasn’t an option. There was no place I wanted to put stuff, let alone my lunch. I didn’t start organizing; it wasn’t my place. I couldn’t help but suggest some changes that I knew would help her to be more productive in both her personal and business life.

She wasn’t open to change. She didn’t see how her environment was having a negative effect on her work, her home and her child.

My heart broke for her and her child. I wanted so badly to help and I knew I could make a huge difference.

I was literally sitting on her couch, looking around at the clutter and realized that there are so many people who could have easier lives if they could clear the clutter and who do want change. And I knew deep down inside that this is my calling.

That day, I reached out to a professional organizer and made arrangements to study under her.  I took what I learned, modified it to fit who I am and my natural abilities and Bright Organizing Solutions was born.

I got this!

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