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My Own Success Story!

I know for a fact, I am not the only one to put 5 ornaments on the tree this past year. I assume I am not the only one who has taken down the tree and not put those 5 ornaments away properly.

And what about the random decorations? Have you put yours away, the proper way, yet? I haven’t.

2020 brought a change to my approach to holiday decorations, I pilfered through the boxes to quickly grab a few. Past years, I never would have acted so barbarically. I would ceremoniously bring the boxes to the living room, respectfully unpack the decoration and intentionally arrange the splendid decor. And of course, close the boxes and put them back in the basement. This year, my basement looks like a disorientating, clumsy, cumbersome maze. But instead of cheese at the end, it's the washing machine. Multiple times a week, I find myself tiptoeing with the laundry basket held above my head, maneuvering through a jingle of this and a jangle of that. This totally removes all love and joy found in the glorious task of laundry. The return trip through the maze does not return any frivolity either.

Just like my computer document dilemma, I am going to schedule a Zip and Zoom for myself. I need a goal and accountability.

If you’re like me and need a goal, accountability, and direction to get your holiday season wrapped up, then Bright’s Zip and Zoom is just what Santa ordered!

Posting of my basement Zip and Zoom to come soon!

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