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Not doing THAT

Do you ever notice yourself doing that thing you said you’d never do?

Why is it that stronger we vow not to do something, we do it?

I am NOT drinking more than 2 beers tonight! 4 beers later…

I am NOT skipping the gym today! Oops too late to go now….

No sugar for the rest of the week! 3 cookies and the emergency candy bar in your glove box later…

Is it a matter of changing our thoughts and our words? What if we said, I am only doing what is good for me? What if we focused on the good and not the bad?

What if we took good and bad out of the equation? What if we were all ourselves? No good, no bad, no right or wrong…

When working with others, the hardest thing it is for me to hear is someone saying they know they should be doing this or that. I say, “Fuck that”. The only thing you should be doing is what works for you. And who knows what works for you? YOU, damn it!

Why did I buy a $30 pleather bound notebook? Because I was supposed to. Supposed to put my comedy thoughts in it so they aren’t lost.

Why am I sitting at my computer typing away and not using my notebook? Because a notebook wasn’t the solution. Because not having a notebook wasn’t the problem. So many loving, well intentioned, peopled gave a solution without knowing the real problem. Was buying the notebook a mistake? Nope, because there are no mistakes, no bad decisions, no right or wrong…

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