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October Success!

Life is hard. We have morning challenges. Getting out the door smoothly and gracefully does not need to be a fantasy. Showering, dressing and packing lunch can take too much time. Clutter and chaos slow us down. This was the hot topic for two of my clients this month.

Both focused on organizing their kitchen over last couple of weeks. One said she easily moved through her morning because her kitchen synced with her lifestyle. Everything was suddenly easy for her to do; pack her lunch, feed her cats, take the garbage out.

It impacted her work. She is happier at work knowing her house is becoming the home she knows it can be. Both clients made huge strides determining better systems, pairing down pots and pans, letting go of items they didn’t even like. Moving dishes to a better, more convenient location. Creating a spot for overflow items - you know that spot where you “shop” at your house before you shop at the store.

Alas, one also tackled rearranging rooms to have more control over their morning. The impact lead to her spouse being the equivalent of a superhero in her eyes.

Want to be a superhero, too? I have your cape!

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