Perfection vs. Imperfection

I had an epiphany this morning.

A friend said, “my perfectly imperfect….”. I immediately went to my view of there is no such thing as perfection. Perfection defined is “a quality, trait, or feature of the highest degree of excellence”. “Perfection” and “excellence” are really moving targets, constantly changing due to circumstances at play. This makes our perfect goals unattainable. If there isn’t a such thing as perfection, then does imperfection exist?

As a kid, I often heard “if you’re going to something, do it right.” As an adult, I learned that sometimes the best that can be done is half or ¾ of the way. Accept that with enthusiasm! Sometimes our “best” isn’t perfect but at least it is moving us towards the direction we want.

If the pursuit of perfection is holding you back (and it is!), let it go. If the fear of imperfection is holding you back (and it is!), let it go. Perfection and imperfection are just labels that we place on our environment, our tasks, and ourselves. Let go of these labels and release yourself from the pressure of unrealistic or unattainable goals.

Let go and let’s play!


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