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Success Story of September!

The best thing about success? You get to define it.

I know it when I see others reach it. A young lady recently signed up with Bright Organizing to get her house organized. We started in her kitchen, the place where she used to love to cook. It took a couple sessions of organizing (on her schedule, at her pace) for her to rediscover cooking. Beef stew and a homemade cake were the results of just a few sessions. Is she done in her kitchen, no, but the success she has experienced in such a short period of time keeps her moving forward on her organizing journey.

I don’t know if she sees the success, but she definitely feels the success. I hear it in her voice, I read it in her text. Her cats are happier, she has been able to start a side hustle and she allows herself time to enjoy her home knowing she on the correct path.

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