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Top 10 Excuses to not hire a professional organizer

1. I need to get organized before you come.

If you want to mess with an organizer’s head, do your own organizing before the organizer comes. I have seen it many times. The disadvantage is it throws off the creative process of building your unique system, the system meant to resolve clutter catastrophes. The space is misinterpreted, challenges and solutions are flipped flopped. Let me see the real space as it is.

2. I need to decide where to start.

Nope. I know where to start. My method for picking that magic space and is tried and true. We will determine your best starting point. Sometimes it is the deep dark hidden space, sometimes it is the highest point on the left.

3. I am ready, but my spouse/significant other is going to organize.

Family and friends have the best intentions. That is the problem. They love you, they want you to have the system they have. But that may not be the best system for you. My advantage is that I don’t know you (yet). I get to ask all these exciting questions and you get to answer them based on where you are now. We don’t have a history that could negatively affect solutions.

4. I am ready, but my spouse/significant other does not see a problem with our clutter.

Ahhh, clutter. How some love you so. Some wear you like a soft, warm, comfy sweater. But not all of us are cold. Some of us are ready to be free of that scratchy wool, heavy covering. There are solutions when people who share a space have different tolerances for clutter. Most of the time, the more cluttered person learns an appreciation for clear space and develops confidence in organization.

5. I am ready, but we can’t touch my spouse’s/significant other’s things.

A rule I live by - Never touch someone else’s stuff, or if you must move items NEVER toss or handle disrespectfully.

6. I am so busy, I don’t have time to take on another project.

Organizing isn’t a project, it’s establishing new and better habits. Trust me, the time used will be recovered when you move through your space without distractions. Pre-made decisions will conserve your time and energy. The mental energy used will be replenished when the stress of disorganization dissipates.

7. I am disorganized, but I know what to do.

If you have said this, I love you even more. All my clients know how to organize. I am merely the catalyst to release your inner organized self. Together, that inner organized self and I will create a space that resonates with you, energizes you and fulfills you.

8. No one living or working in my space will change.

Sudden, drastic change is not necessary. Steady, mindful change that is communicated with love is a real possibility. More importantly, change is for you not for them.

9. I am embarrassed by my clutter.

All the more reason to tackle it! We have no room in our lives for negative energy. It is an honor when anyone invites me into their space, no matter the circumstances. AND, I love clutter, it makes my heart go bitter batter. I see clutter as energy waiting to be released to reveal peace, ease and clarity.

10. I love my clutter.

At the risk of repeating myself… So do I! See number 9. If your space, your calendar and your head are filled to capacity then you are missing the magic that happens in clear spaces. The clutter is hindering you and preventing you from being your authentic self. The clutter is not loving you.

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