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THE Very First STEP




Initial conversation/consultation: 

Your prep work for the consultation is leave everything as it is. I need to see your space as it always is. You give me a personalized tour. You tell me what isn’t working. You tell me what is working. I ask a bazillion questions since I make zero assumptions. My questions are for strategic reasons, not to embarrass or shame. I really want to know how long the papers have been there. Or the shirts heaped in the corner. Or the boxes in the hallway. It is all important information when determining your system. The system that will work for you. This is your space; my role is to make more space for you and the other beings that work or play in that space. We schedule your sessions. Weekly is typical and the most effective. 


First Session

We pick a starting point, typically, it is the hot spot that bothers you the most or slows you down the most. We didn’t pick our starting spot during our initial conversation because timing, perspectives and goals may change. We sort everything. I help you make quick decisions and keep the To Be Determined pile to a minimum. Then a quick “polish” (a.k.a. dust, sweep, wipe down) and why not, the space is clear. We then put the sorted items in their new homes. Or holding patterns are set up to avoid backsliding especially if we’re working in a highly active area. The homes may be temporary because organizing is a process and homes fluctuate until the system is firmly established. Homework, if needed and you have the time to complete, will be discussed. This is an opportunity for you to experience a bonus accomplishment in between sessions. Uncompleted homework is not an opportunity to beat yourself up.    


In-Between Sessions

I encourage you reach out when you complete your tasks or if you get stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated. By keeping me in the loop, I am better prepared for our next session. I want to be able to cheer you on your victories and support you on your challenges. 


Second & Beyond Sessions

First, we review the impact of the previous session(s). We look for what may need to be tweaked or for what we may need to keep an eye on. We pick a new spot. It may be in a completely different area. I stay totally aware of spaces that may need an additional session or two. It is not uncommon when organizing an entire home that starting points are in different areas. As the organizing process continues and items and systems are built things start to settle. Completing to 100% one small area at a time isn’t always productive. We need to see what the impact of organizing other areas will have.


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You have officially read over all of my services (how many times?) and you still don’t know where to start, you are overwhelmed. You are perfect. Start a dialog with me. Your biggest decision now is to decide if you are going to call me, text me or email me. Give your name, give your state of overwhelm 8, 9, or 10 (’cause anyone lower stopped reading a long time ago). I will take it from there. Just promise you will respond. I am here for you!

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