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Wire shelving a Blessing and a Curse

Wire shelving, it can be a blessing for those overflow items.

It makes it easy to see what there is. But it often and quickly becomes a hot spot, a place where things get dumped, a place that allows you to ignore the real problem that lurks behind the cabinet doors.

The goal to eliminate the wire shelving can feel lofty. Shift your focus away from the wire shelving and open the cabinet doors. Pull everything out. All of it. Categorize. Add the items from the wire shelving into your categories. Discard the trash items. Donate the usable items. What is left after applying Minimum + 1 Tenet goes back in. Keep those "birds of a feather together". Leave space, don't jam the jam, or squash the squash, let them breathe!

All of the above steps seem so easy when you read it, right?

If it is not easy for you, that's when you bring me in. That is what this young lady did. She brought me in to help at her father's house. Happy to say, this was sibling approve!

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